5º Primaria

Hello we are Javier and David froam 5ºB, we will talk you about an arts and crafts activity of the layers the Earth. First you need blue, orange and yellow cardboards and a clip. Firts cut the blue cardboards in the size of a circle, then the same but in a smaller size with the orange cardboard and make the samllest circle with the yellow one. Once you cut all, in the blue cardboar write the crust and write the information, the same with the orange but you will write mantle and in the yellow core. Then make a hole with the same size in the cardboards and tie them with a clip. And that how you can make a cradboard Eath.

This week we have worked about Thanksgiving with our assistants Jeydelyn and Lisa

Ya tenemos otros tres retos matemáticos en nuestro libro. 

Los chicos/as de 5º Primaria nos explican su cuaderno de Science.

1)This work is about the atmosphere that we are going to use to learn the atmosphere layers.

2) This is a mindmap of the Earth´s Rotation and revolution.


3) There is a mini book of the Moon positions.

El tercer reto matemático, de 5º de Primaria, consistía en resolver una serie de operaciones que se ocultaban, ordenar los resultados según la tabla y colorear de color amarillo los repetidos.