Los días 11, 12 y 13 de octubre Teacher Lorena ha realizado un curso de inmersión lingüística en inglés y formación en STEAM en la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares «STEAM: Young Children Making Sense of Their World» con el profesor Stan Chu de (Bank Street College of Education, New York).


Los objetivos del curso de docentes de Educación Infantil y Primaria fueron:

  1. To develop a STEAM way of thinking and doing in early childhood classrooms.
  2. To understand what STEAM requires to be developed.
  3. To reflect on your own learning in order to construct meaningful STEAM experiences that respond to the developmental levels of your students.
  4. Examinar los fundamentos del enseñar y aprender, temas de aula y desafíos actuales.    


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Los contenidos que trabajaron fueron:

  1. STEAM way of thinking and doing in early childhood classrooms.
  2. STEAM and direct sensory encounters with the physical world..
  3. First-hand investigations of physical / biological materials and related phenomena, to create a range of representations that can uncover existing patterns and concepts.
  4. Liderar organizaciones-Liderar personas.
  5. STEAM experiences and the development of students’ cultural, linguistic, and learning diversity.
  6. Analysis of evidence-based ways of making sense of the world that support the integration of STEAM inquiry across the curriculum.
    There will be two active STEAM investigations and related discussions:
  7. Active workshop focusing an aspect of the “here and now” of young children in Madrid: discussion of food establishments in daily lives of children in Madrid (fast food, sit down restaurants, Street vendors, etc.). What are the varied direct experiences young children in Madrid have with eating places? What are the similarities and differences? How do we know what is served? How do people pay? What jobs do people have in each place? Small groups of teachers create different food establishments. Half the group open their food establishment for business and the other half are customers. Then, roles are reversed. After everyone conducts a business, and then is a customer, discussions about how we can help young children learn from direct experiences by creating and representing an aspect of their daily life.
  8. A STEAM investigation focusing on the physical/built environment surrounding lives of Young children in Madrid. Design and construct model buildings, emphasizing physics, engineering, cost, culture, and aesthetics. Discussion of ways to translate the morning and afternoon sessions into classroom practice.


Colegio Carlos III